Nerd Kat Slay: Story Behind The Design

Nerd Kat Slay: Story Behind The Design

During the most difficult stage of our lives is when we are most creative: I can testify to this fact because my spiritual ascension and growth has enabled me to use my spiritual gifts to heal myself and others during my transformation. I had no choice but to rely on no one but YHWH and my intuition. 

When I was a kid I was bullied for wearing prescription eyeglasses and was called ‘four eyes’ ‘nerd’. During my time of transformation and spiritual ascension my cat almost died 3x from urinary blockages. I had no financial help and had to borrow money to unblock him and surgery. Everything turnt out fine but made things a bit difficult dealing with the spiritual battles and woes. 

He and I have developed a bond and he acts like a human. Yellow is my favorite color ceaux I decided to make a collection and made him kool and to teach others that are bullied for having to wear prescription glasses that is it okay and it means you are intelligent and is someone special. 
You are fearfully & wonderfully made!}

You da kool nerd kat baby n u slay! Let us Bully-Proof ya!

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